Hello my lovely fam!  I’m very happy to be writing to you today.  I have a very important question to ask, and obviously I would come to you first about it.

Just like the title says, I am looking for someone to be my pen pal.  I am an old-fashioned romantic, you could say, and the idea of having an old-fashioned letter friendship is something that really appeals to me.  However, I didn’t know where to go looking for someone to be my pen pal.  I don’t have any old friends who live out of my area, and I don’t think mailing a letter to a random address would really work ( although that could be fun ).

I did some research and found that there are actually some pen pal websites these days, and I had thought about starting there; but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that that type of first connection wasn’t ideal for me, and there a few reasons why that is.

First of all, starting somewhere on the world wide web looking for a friend tosses up all of my over-worrying red flags about safety.  However secure the websites are, I know me.  A website for finding friends just seems odd at first glance.

Second of all, a lot of those sites are purely digital.  That is not the sort of pen pal I’m looking for.  I don’t want an email buddy, I want a letter buddy.  Like I said, old-fashioned.

Third, and this one came after I thought about it for a while, I came to realized that I didn’t really want to throw myself out to just anybody; I wanted to swap letters with someone who I at least felt I had a connection to before hand.  I feel like that’s important in any friendship, and especially in a friendship where you may never actually see the person you are friends with in person, as a sort of sense of security.

That is when I decided to stop looking toward pen pal website, and starting looking toward you.

It seemed so obvious once I thought of it that I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it to start with.  I never needed those websites, I just needed to come here, to family, and ask you guys if any of you wanted to be my pen pal.

So here it is, the big question:

Does any body want to be my pen pal?

Yay!  I’m so EXCITED that I have finally asked.  Really.  It’s kind ridiculous how excited I am.  It’s kind of childish of me, I’ll admit.  Sometimes I wonder how I’m even allowed to be an adult.

Ok, so, down to pen pal stuff.  I do have some requirements.

  1. Must want to write physical letters and send them over snail mail.

Ok that’s actually my only requirement guys.  Shouldn’t have made the first word plural but oh well, mistakes are sometimes made.  We are all human.  Which actually brings me to my second bit and that bit is about me as a human because if you sign up to be my pen pal there are some things that you should know about me.

  1. I usually ( like 9 times out of 10 ) write in purple pen.
  2. I will sometimes write long ten page letters and sometimes only write ten sentences.  Consistency is not my middle name.
  3. I will often probably send you things stuffed inside the letters.  Examples include:
  • paint chip samples ( “This is the color we just painted our new wall and I just had to show you.” )
  • dried flowers ( “The nature walk I went on on Sunday was beautiful and I thought you would enjoy it just as much as I did.” )
  • maybe sometimes chocolate bars ( “I love chocolate and I love you so it seemed appropriate.” )
  • buttons ( “I was talking about all of these cool antique buttons I just got and it seemed cruel if you also didn’t get to see some of them, because they really are just too cool.” )
  • photos of my bunnies ( “LOOK AT HOW CUTE SHADOW IS.  LOOK. AT. HIM. OMG.” )

4. I will ask when your birthday is ( and give you mine as a show of trust ) because I will want to send you things for your birthday, it’s just who I am as a person.  However if you do not want to give out your birthday that is perfectly ok!  There is no pressure or requirement for it!  I will just pick a random day of the year and send you birthday presents then to be either really really early or really really belated.  🙂

5. This is probably one of the most important things, so read it over and over again; YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DO ANYTHING THAT I DO.  You got that?  Because I mean it.  You do not have to stuff random things in your letters.  You do not have to write in purple pen.  You do not have to send me anything for my birthday.  These are my quirks; and as your pen pal, I want to, and will, love and appreciate all of your quicks, whatever they may be or not be.  Just be you, that it is all you have to do.

So ta-da!  There it is my loves.  If anybody, or all of you, want to be pen pals, please contact me!  I think I have a contact page.  I will make sure that I have a contact page.

Anyway, I be pen pals with everyone who wants to be, and I will love every moment I get to spend with each of you.  🙂  I will accept and love all of your quirks.  Do you spray perfume on your letters to make smell good?  Love it!  Would you like to only ever write in super secret code names instead of our real names?  I’m down for it!  Seriously, I love you guys.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Like, seriously, I can’t wait.  I’m terrible at waiting.

. . .

Why haven’t you guys responded yet?

Ha.  I made a joke about me being at bad at waiting.  I’m laughing.  I’m also really bad about laughing at my own jokes.  I’m hilarious.

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