I do. It’s true. I love, YOU.

Yeah you, you reading this. I mean it. I know who you are. This message is legitimate ( because legit doesn’t do this justice ). I really actually truly love you. Because you, are here. You, are with me. You are listening to me. And you valued me and my words enough to stick around and keep listening to them. To me.

You are amazing. Don’t think I’m bluffing. You may be thinking that you haven’t done anything special, not at all. But you have. Do you even realize what special thing you’ve done?

I bet you don’t. So let me tell you.

You have made me feel valid. You have me feel loved. You have given me something to smile about today, and tomorrow. You have made me feel like your friend. Like I am appreciated and valued. Like I am interesting, and funny, and someone people want to spend their time with, because you chose to spend some of your time with me. You have made me feel a little better about the world around me, and myself.

How did you do that? Just, by reading this?

Yes. That’s really all it takes. For you to simply listen to someone. You can make them feel all of these amazing things, and more. Just by being there, and being you.

And that my love, is just one of the many reasons why you, YOU, are amazing. Why, one of the reasons why, I love you, so, so much.

You are incredible, and you are amazing, and you are a down right wonderful person. And just by being you, and being here with me now, you have made me feel just the same way.

So thank you. Thank you so, so much, for caring about me enough to stay.

I care about you too.

In fact, I freaking love you.

So until next time, my love. Stay happy. 🙂

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