So I’m going to start off today by telling you about my bunnies. A.k.a. my bunnehs. A.k.a. my bun buns. A.k.a. my bun buddy bun or bun baby bun. A.k.a. my buttons.

I have lots of a.k.a.’s for my bunnies, because there really is no one term that can fully do them justice. Also, whatever you call a bunny is going to sound cute, because they are bunnies. Everything is always cute with a bunny.

“Hey there my murderous little ball of fluff! Aren’t you just enraged today?”

See? Even that sounds cute when you imagine saying it to this little guy:

I mean honestly how could anything not be cute when you throw him into the mix?

That, by the way, is Shadow. He is not in fact murderous nor is he enraged. Shadow’s title is actually “The Derpiest of the Spaz Buns” for many derpy, spazy, and adorable reasons. He is too precious for this world and must be protected.

That other bunneh in the bottom corner there? With her head barely peeking into view? All stalker and ninja like?

That, would be Sophie. And it is she who is the murderous fluff ball dreaming of nuclear fire raining upon on the earth, while she stashes her knife under the newspaper and pretends to not even notice that you are there.

I do so love my buns.

That might leave you wondering where Freckles is. After all, his name is in the title too. Freckles, you see, is in heaven, and I miss him terribly. But I know that he is eating all of the nanners*, and all of the sticks, and all of the pellets, and basically all of the everything because he just really loved eating things including my charging cables which was kind of problematic but ok because I love him, in bunny heaven. And knowing this does give me some comfort, however much I miss him.

This has been a brief introduction to my bunnehs, because I am going to proceed to tell you all of the stories about them in many posts to come. Why? I’m proud of them. But more than anything, I really fucking love them. They bring many moments of hoppiness and smiles to me like nothing and no one else can, and aside from showing them off, I want for them to also bring hoppiness and smiles to you. Because when you’re having a bad day, sometimes all you need is a bunny to make it better.

In order to tell their stories, though, I’ll need to introduce one more character.

“The Great Big One”.

This is what the bunnies call Scoobi, our 13 year old belgian malinios. Scoobi, on the other paw, looks at my bunnies and sees small, strange puppies. These small strange puppies are clearly her small strange puppies, and clearly she must take care of them.

The bunnies have other ideas about this, which means they often do not comply with her caregiving routine, which means I often give Scoobi a more complaint bunny to work with.

They still look super cute together.

I think that just about sets the stage for all the stories to come. There will be many, some short, some long, all wonderfully cute, and I hope you will enjoy.

Until I hop on by later ( I am so awful ), have a bunderful day ( I’m not even sorry about this )!

In loving memory of Freckles.

*super secret bunny language for “bananas”.

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