Obsessions tend to make us happy in a very different sort of way than other things do. Somethings we like because they make us smile, or feel good.  But obsessions we can’t get enough of.  Obsessions tend to stick in our minds and creep into our thoughts even when we are supposed to be focusing on something else.  There will be things that will bring to mind our obsessions that aren’t even related to our obsessions.  This is all because we are, obsessed.


|əbˈseSHən| noun

an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind: “He was in the grip of an obsession he was powerless to resist.”

As we spoke of last time, I am obsessed with books.  Truth is, though, that that’s not the only obsession I have. The next obsession of mine would be another “B” word, and perhaps even slightly larger than the obsession that I have with books.  This obsessions would be bunnies. Yes, those cute furry little things that WE DO NOT eat for dinner*.  Bunnies are souls we are meant to protect.

Those bouncing balls of joy are just that. Pure joy hopping around with the purpose of making the world ok again, and perhaps with making everyone a little bit hoppier themselves. They are warm and fuzzy and meant to be cuddled, and loved.  Through them, we become a better us.

Bunnies have pure souls, mischievous tendencies, and live hoppily on healthy diets.  Really, how could you not love a bun?  They are basically what we all are secretly striving to be as humans ( at least in my opinion ).  Their personalities are unique and wise.  We could all use to learn a few lesson from the Bunny Buddha.

I have loved bunnies since before I could speak my parents names, and I know this to be fact.  The very first stuffed animal I was ever given was a bunny rabbit who became my best friend.  My bunny knew all my secrets.  My bunny went on all the adventures with me.  My bunny knew how to make me feel better without having to say a word.

Basically, my bunny was my childhood.

I have been told that my soul is the soul of a bun, and I have to admit, that there is no higher compliment that you could ever give me.  There are many a day where I wish that I could actually be a bunny, because that seems so much better than having to be human and adult.  Let’s all admit it; adulting sucks.  Sure, you get to make your own decisions, choose your own friends, eat a ball of raw cookie dough and no one can tell you that you can’t, but at what cost?  What cost, I say?

If I was a bun, however, I would be perfectly cute all the time**.  I would be soft, and cuddly, on a permanent basis.  I would be able to run ridiculously fast, and jump amazingly high.  I would live off a diet of salads, herbs, fruits, veggies, and awesome wild flowers.  I would still be smart, and have a diverse and deep personality.  I would have a better understanding of death.  I would have my mate for life.  My instincts and reactions would be on point.  I would live in a home where all the chores and cleaning were done for me, and I would get to take many naps throughout the day and night, totaling up to about sixteen hours of sleep per day.

There are almost no downsides to being a bunny.

It would be ridiculously easy for me to become a bunny, as well.  I had mentioned that I have been told my soul is a soul of a bunny.  Let me point out to you some of the things that have been pointed out to me, to help you better understand my bunny -like tendencies.

  • I love salads
  • I don’t like being touched by people
  • I am very quiet
  • I jump at loud noises
  • I have a tendency to burrow to feel safer
  • I like to make sneaky mischief
  • I stare at people ( a.k.a. “people watch” )
  • I don’t trust easily
  • I like to be clean
  • I like to play and explore and figure puzzles out
  • I can be active, but taking naps is very nice
  • I often sit and contemplate deep thoughts ^
  • I have been told I am soft and cuddly
  • I have been told I am cute
  • I am an introvert
  • I am independent
  • Too much stress will kill me
  • I run away from things I really do not like
  • I must have that special someone or else I become sad
  • I like to chew on things
  • I jump quickly from one thing to the next
  • I don’t eat much all at once, but nibble throughout the day
  • I sometimes hop instead of walk ( without knowing )
  • I enjoy paper

So you see, I am soul of the bun.  I should really just be allowed to be a bun.  Even just seeing a photo a bunny will make me smile, no matter what else I am feeling.  But being a bunny?  Yes, that sounds perfect.

*Not only can we not be friends if you think that, horror, is acceptable, but I will also have to consider tracking you down and making you suffer. All bunnies are my bunnies even if they really aren’t my bunnies, do you see? So don’t touch my bunnies, got it?!

** It is actually physically impossible for a bunny not to be cute.  Trust me, I know the Science.

^ You can’t tell me bunnies don’t do this.  I own buns.  I see the buns.  I know the buns.  The buns are wise.

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