Dream journaling gets messy sometimes. It’s hard grab onto all the strands of your subconscious and pull them back with you when your consciousness takes over again. But then, there are those other times. Those times when it’s just scary.

Don’t read if you don’t like disturbing things. Just a warning. Nightmares tend to be like that, you see. And I saw something fairly disturbing in my nightmare this morning.


This is what came for us in my nightmare this morning. Out in suburbia, bright summer day, I and someone I love were watching over two small children play in the grass. There was an infant sitting in the back yard, in a stroller, napping in the shade by the back door. Nothing should have come to harm the small soul there.

Bad feelings often don’t come quick enough. Most if the time, by the time you’re noticing that something is wrong, something has already gone very, very wrong, and there is nothing you can do to change it.

I felt something was, bad, right when I heard it. A wave of fear and panic came over me as I realized that the children weren’t safe here anymore. I needed to get them out, out onto the street, and run. I prayed that we could run fast enough to make it out.

It floated right past us, small and black, as we ran, half dragging the children by their hands, to the back door to grab the baby. It was taunting us, showing us that we were it’s toys. Letting us take in what it had already done.

It had gotten the baby. A deep and disturbing image settled into my gut as I looked at its face, now exactly matching the black creature that had done this.

The rest of us made it out, but only just barely. Some things happen after that, I believe, a collaborated effort to get rid of the horror in outer suburbia, but those parts I don’t remember all that well.

I woke up slightly scared but mostly sad, wondering why in the human mind, wether it be in a movie, a novel, or a nightmare, it has to be the most innocent that suffer first.

Nightmares are awful things. Thank goodness they aren’t real. I just want you to know that you come here to discuss your nightmares, if you like. If that helps to make you feel better about them.

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