In an effort to rediscover more of myself that I may have forgotten, and to tell you about who I am, regardless of my identity, here is this blog.

It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, honestly.  It feels silly to be writing all of this, because what is the point, really?  What is so interesting about me that you want to hear me go on and on and on about myself?  It feels a but shallow, and conceited.  But then again, some people are stalkers, like me.

I’m joking, I’m not actually a stalker.  Nor are you, I hope.  Stalker is just a really creepy and over exaggerated way of saying “people watcher”, which is what we really all are.  And by “we” I mean the proverbial we.  The we that isn’t actually together.  The we that may not even exist.  But perhaps the we that knows and understands each other, without ever seeing, or meeting each other.

I like that kind of we.

Some of this will be creativity.  Some of this will be thoughts, and tarot, or snapshots of the world around.  Some of this will be the silly misadventures of my bunny rabbits.  Some of this will also be me talking about me, which I guess sort of the point of the “Life” category, anyway, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be the category that I will feel most uncomfortable about.  Sometimes I feel like I have to explain why I’m talking about myself, to justify it or give it some sort of reason, because it’s not something I like to do.  But it is part of the point of all of this, so I’ll give it go for now, if you’ll bare with me.  You absolutely don’t have to read it; I promise I won’t be offended ( I probably won’t read those posts myself ).

Most of this is going to be me reaching out to you.  Yes, just you.  Or all of you.  Everyone in that proverbial “we” as an undefined whole, that is together while being apart.  There is no need for me to also include those who are not a part of this “we”, because if you are here, right now, reading this with your very own eyes, you are apart of this “we”.  You are one of us.  You are my friend, and my friends are family.  So come here, and group together.  Find your family here, among us all.

I will reach out by telling you all about me.  I am going to open myself up to you, with no lies, no exaggerations or downplays.  There will just be me, as I am, for you to see and take as you will, to do with as you will.

I do this to be real and honest.  I do this as an act of trust.  I am going to be trusting you with me, and through this, I want you to understand that you can trust me with you.  I leave my name and location and what I look like anonymous because that is not important to who I am as a person.  I do this so that you can feel comfortable doing the same, should you choose to.  I do this so that the focus can slowly be pulled to what really makes us, us.  Our thoughts, our personality, our feelings, our dreams.  I want to start us on the tract of being honest with ourselves about who we are, and I want to us to have a safe place to do that.

I want you to know that you can come talk to me.  I will never discredit your feelings or tell you what you think or say is wrong.  What you feel is valid, because you are feeling it.  What you think matters, because you are thinking it.  My confidence is yours.  My friendship is yours.  My help is yours, if you want it.

If you want a place to vent, come to me.  I will be here to listen.  If you want to rant and rave about something that makes you angry, or confused, or happy as fuck, come to me.  I will rant with you.  If you want feedback on your art or whatever else you are working on, come to me.  I will trust you back with my own art, and open myself up to your honest opinions, as you will receive from me.  I you want help, from talking to “How do I fix this part of my car?”, come to me.  If I can not help myself, I will you to where you will able to find the help you need.

You know that awesome place we all think of where everybody can be them exactly how they want to be, all different, yet living together, loving each other with only one thing being for certain; that you will always have that group of friends, that family, for the rest of your life, no matter even if you try to scare them away?  They just won’t go, no matter what?  Let’s make this that place.  Let’s be those people.

Let us inspire these feelings in each other, so that we may continue to inspire others as well.  Let us create a memory bank for us all to look back on when we can’t remember anymore.  Let us be the people we want the rest of the world to be, as well.

Through being me, exactly me, and every part of me, I hope to inspire all of this.  I hope to help you be you, too, and help you love you.  You, YOU, yes you, deserve to be loved.  And the very first person who should love you is you.  I will be right there behind you.  I will be your second lover.  Even when we have wildly different opinions.  Even we don’t like even one of the same things.  Even though we may never see each other in person.  I will love you.  I already love you, I promise.

So, yeah.  This blog.  It’s me.  It’s me so that you can know me, and feel safe here.  It’s me so that you can have me, to laugh with, to fall back on, to live life with.  It’s a step in what I hope to achieve.  I want to make you realize how awesome you are.  I know that you will make me better.  I know that we will all make each other better.

So welcome to me.  It is my greatest joy to welcome you.  It is my greatest wish, that I will come to know you.

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